What Works NOW 2019

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Every year, about this time, I release my yearly What Works NOW guide that shares all the little tips, tricks and hacks that really made my blogging year better, easier and more profitable.

Today, I am proud to present the newest guide in my What Works NOW training series…


What Works NOW 2019
Time-Saving Tips & Tricks That Work NOW
For Better Blogging Results While You Work LESS
What Works NOW 2019 - new tips and tricks for blogging success

WHY do we insist on doing things that make us work MORE?
Wouldn’t it be nice if someone finally shared the things that can work FOR you
so you can finally work LESS?


That’s the theme for What Works NOW 2019… working LESS.

This past year has really brought to light the things I’ve already done that continue to work FOR me –

even when I can’t work,

have limited time TO work,

or simply don’t feel like working.

The last 12 months have been the most challenging for me personally in my 11+ years of being in this business.

Those ‘life challenges’ pulled me away from my office, and yes, at times had me at places where I just didn’t feel like working – or feel as if I had a creative bone in my body TO work with.

Look, we ALL have times like that, right?

Life can be hard – and even the strongest among us have days when the motivation is just not there.

And that’s ok.

Thankfully, we are in THIS business – and when our blogs, traffic sources, and sales funnels are set up properly, they work FOR us when we can’t work (or simply don’t WANT to work).

This is my 4th consecutive year of releasing a new yearly guide in my (now almost-famousWhat Works NOW training series.

I’m excited to say…

What Works NOW 2019 just might be my best yearly guide yet!

It’s 90+ pages of awesome and actionable tips and tricks to help you work LESS.


What’s Inside What Works NOW 2019?

Just watch the quick slideshow below and you will see just a sample of what you will learn inside What Works NOW 2019.

Ready To Get Started?
Just click the Download Now button below and get YOUR copy of What Works NOW 2019.

I can’t wait to share all my tips and tricks with YOU!


scroll on down for a FREE ‘Sneak Peek’!

Read the first 20 pages of What Works NOW 2019 for FREE =)


If You’re Looking For a Sales Pitch, You’re On The Wrong Page


I know this is supposed to be a SALES page, but I don’t have any desire to try and “sell” you on this year’s What Works Now guide.

These yearly guides of mine have almost a “cult” following – people start begging me for them as early as September!

I’ve also been told, many times, that people don’t even BOTHER reading the sales page –

They just instantly click the Download Now button in happy anticipation – and they are always thrilled with the information, tips, and advice they get from me.


This might be YOUR first experience with a PotPieGirl What Works NOW guide –

and you’re new to our Tribe.


I don’t want to ‘twist your arm’ into convincing you that you need this guide – that’s just silly.

YOU know if you need help getting better results from your blog so you can work LESS, right?


I’d MUCH rather you make an informed decision about me, about my teaching style AND about this guide on your own – and do what is best for YOUR business.

and yes, I will totally lose my Super Marketer status for this NON-sales Sales Page… haha!

But I think it’s only fair that you get the opportunity to decide for yourself WITHOUT being insulted by earnings screenshots and blind copy that doesn’t explain a THING about what you’re actually getting.

So here’s what I’m going to do for YOU.I’m going to let you read the first 20 pages of What Works NOW 2019 for FREE.

That way, YOU can decide if my tips and tricks are things you NEED in your business life to make YOUR life easier.

Sound Good?

Just pop your email address in the form below and I’ll send your free “Sneak Peek” copy of What Works NOW 2019 right to you.

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