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Low Content Publishing
Original Price: $127
You Just Pay: $35 (One Time – 90% Off)

Product Delivery : You will receive a receipt with download link through email.
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Module #1: Quick-Start Profit Guides

You want to start making money right away without having to spend days learning the process?

I’ve created a full series of comprehensive training guides that will teach you everything you need to know to go from newbie to expert in just a couple of hours!

Eliminate the learning curve and start making money faster!

  • No “Googling” for answers only to end up confused. I’ve got your back!

  • No self-doubt or procrasinating. You really can do this. I’ll show you how.

Module #2: Ready-To-Upload Books


I’m making it as easy as I possibly can so you can get right down to the business of making money.

I created all of the tools needed to create low content books that are making thousands of dollars a month, and now I’m handing over the keys to the Kingdom.

All you have to do is download the carefully crafted packages and upload them to KDP!

Literally all of the work has been done for you!

And while I’ll also show you how to easily make your own interior templates so you can be in full control, if you want to start making money while you’re still learning, I’ve got you covered!

Plus, I include templates in all sorts of sizes, so you’ll have everything you need to start publishing hundreds of profitable low content books in a matter of minutes!

Templates Come In Both Powerpoint and PDF Formats


Module #3: Premade Journal Covers

I want you to have everything you need to start making money publishing low-content books on Amazon, so I’ve created more than 20 high quality covers for your journals and planners!

These covers come in PDF (which is what Amazon requires), but I’m also giving you the source files so you can easily edit the background colors.

Oh, hey. Do you suck at graphic design and Photoshop makes you break out in hives?

No worries! I’ll show you a free tool that makes it drop-dead easy to edit book covers in a matter of minutes!

Covers Come In Both PSD and PDF Formats

Module #4: Instant Profit Reports

You’ll also gain access to 4 niche research profit packs making it easy to uncover scorching hot niche markets where there’s a growing demand for low-content books. These are some of the most profitable niches on Amazon.

In fact, many low content books in these niches are generating over $3,000 a month in profit for a single journal!

These reports also come with categories, keywords and examples of top-selling books in every category!

All you have to do is create similar books using my training program and you’ll be able to instantly cash in on these evergreen niches!

Profitable Niches: Create low content books in these markets and quickly maximize your income!

Keywords: Carefully researched keywords and categories to drive in more buyers!

Module #5: Video Training Collection

Watch closely as I show you exactly how to create low content books that sell!

From cover creation, to taking you through the entire publishing process, you’ll be able to watch over my shoulder every step of the way!

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