ConversionXL – Product Messaging & Sales Page Copywriting

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ConversionXL – Product Messaging & Sales Page Copywriting
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Author: Momoko Price
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Stop Letting Amateur Copy & Lifeless Value Propositions Wipe Out Your Conversions
Get the recordings of this intensive training camp on Product Messaging & Sales Page Copywriting

Enroll in this 8-class Product Messaging course learn how to …
Choose messages that trigger your customers’ real-life motivations
Craft value propositions that capture visitors’ attention & pull them in
Strengthen your page copy with persuasive narrative & flow
Transform raw data & research into powerfully convincing copy

Over the course of 8 deep-dive, video sessions, you’ll discover how to

Systematically “tear down” & rebuild the copy of virtually any sales page
Home in on your product’s most compelling value proposition
Nail your messaging through rigorous voice-of-customer research
Ditch the clichés and infuse your copy with authenticity & passion
Weave your messages together into a story that sells
Follow along as Momoko works over the copy & messaging of a real sales page, in class. Witness the research, analysis & behind-the-curtain problem-solving.
See how elite copywriters go from asking questions … to analyzing research … to creating messaging flows … to crafting the final copy.
PLUS: Get a complete kit of conversion-copywriting worksheets, templates & checklists along with the course, so you can immediately transfer & apply everything you’ve learned into your own business.

What This Course Will Cover
Weeks 1 and 2: Finding Your Key Messages

Class 1: How to “Tear Down” Your Own Page Copy
Watch & learn as Momoko reveals the exact system she uses to evaluate her clients’ messaging & copy, pinpoint problem areas, and home in on tactics to fix them.

Class 2: How to Hunt and Gather Messages Online
Find out how to gather & recognize powerful messages about your product — even when you don’t have a single customer yet.

Class 3: How to Pull Powerful Messages out of Your Customers
No one talks about your product more persuasively than your happiest customer. Learn how to coax compelling messages out of them with carefully structured surveys & one-on-one interviews.

Class 4: How to Home in on Your Best Value Proposition
By now you should be sitting on a mountain of rich, raw messaging data. In this class, you’ll learn how distill this data into clear value propositions that will set your product apart and boost your conversion rates.

Weeks 3 and 4: Writing, Editing, & Layout

Class 5: How to Add Structure & Flow to Your Messages
Getting the order, timing and flow of your messages right is crucial for maximizing conversions. Learn how to create tailored Messaging Hierarchies that seamlessly bridge the gap between your offer and your customer’s mindset.

Class 6: Writing the First Draft
You’ve done the research — now it’s time roll up our sleeves and write. Learn how to tackle tricky elements like headlines, subheads, hooks, forms, and CTAs (and avoid conversion-killing mistakes along the way).

Class 7: How to “Punch Up” Your Copy
Got everything down on the page (including the kitchen sink)? Great. In this class, you’ll learn how to cut fluff and filler with surgical precision and replace it with attention-grabbing statements that will keep your visitors reading.

Class 8: Formatting Your Copy & Laying Out Your Page
Learn how to leverage whitespace, contrast, typography, image choice, and directional cues to add powerful emphasis and flow to your page copy. Get your copy laid out in a clearly annotated professional wireframe, ready to move into high-fidelity design.

Class 9 – BONUS CLASS: How to Shift Your Team to a Copy-First Design Workflow
Does your team have a bad habit of diving into color schemes and glossy mockups, and leaving the actual copy behind? This bonus course is designed to help you get teammates and stakeholders to ditch chronic content chaos and embrace a copy-first (and more importantly, customer-first) approach to web design.

But wait, there’s more:
In addition to live class recordings, you’ll get immediate access to snack-sized video lessons on the fundamentals of conversion copywriting as soon as you enroll. Topics covered include:

Pre-recorded video lessons are as follows:
1. Dispelling Toxic Copywriting Myths
2. How Many Conversion Goals Should Your Page Have?
3. Applying the Conversion Formula to Copy
4. What is Customer “Motivation,” Really?
5. What Makes for a Great Value Proposition?
6. The Customer Awareness Spectrum
7. Embracing a Copy-First Approach
8. The Importance of a Persuasive/Narrative Flow
9. “Punch-Up” Tricks to Improve Your Copy
10. Anatomy of an Irresistible Call-to-Action
All of these videos will be available instantly after you enroll in the course.


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