All You Need is a Good Idea + Video Ideas

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This is another of my double-duty shares. In a single download, you will get a book to help you generate magnificent marketing ideas that will leave your competition shaking in their boots … and another book that shows you how to get fabulous ideas for making irresistibly watchable videos.

Whether you want to sell a million copies of your e-book, invent the next Hula-Hoop craze or become more competitive in the online marketplace, this double share will give you ideas that can set you above and apart from others in whatever niche you choose!

Now, on with the show …


In All You Need Is a Good Idea, Jay Heyman shows you how to create powerful marketing and advertising ideas that will dramatically increase sales for your business.

Perfect for entrepreneurs and small business owners of any size business, this valuable marketing resource will help you to stand out in the marketplace, build bigger market share, gain publicity, and scare the pants off the competition.

This book is the perfect guide to creating truly powerful marketing messages.

Copyright 2008, PDF format


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